Viola Anna Birina

Viola was born in 1969 in Līvāni. She has lived and worked in Riga and Prague. Among many degrees that Viola has, she has also graduated from Latvian Academy of Culture gaining Master of Arts in Culture theory.
Ceramist training is acquired with Staņislavs Viļums. She has been working with clay since 2008.
Viola is making ceramic ware using only hand building method.  She uses the silhouette and texture characteristics in her work. In general she makes ceramics for everyday use (plates, bowls, trays, fruit bowls, tea servers, cups) using unique forms and designs. Since 2009 Viola has been making wood texture imprints that can be labelled as her authentic style. She uses also other imprints, like lace, that is used in the forms of the ware. Solemn and simple dishes can be found in Viola’s work as well.