About us


Ceramist house “ Cukrasāta” works using old ceramist traditions. This is an authentic workplace in a modern countryside. The ceramic ware is produced in different ways – hand building as well as using potter’ s wheel. The ceramic ware is later put in a kiln for firing it on a “ live”  fire, the kiln being heated with wood. Its black or individual black-silver colour the ware gets in a natural reduction process.
This natural process creates the vividness and depth of the ware colour similar as it is with the black and white picture. Reduced ceramic ware is a unique combination of ceramist proficiency and a play of fire. Originally the ware has even a natural scent of smoke that vanishes with time when it is used and washed. There are people who undoubtedly like this scent as well as there are people who don’t. Natural scents are more peculiar; like milk just being milked from a cow or a new leather bag. The same as people’s skin, unglazed ceramics takes some scents due to its pores. If you keep apples in one ceramic bowl, it takes the scent of apples with time. Coffee will also leave its mark if it remains in a ceramic cup for some time.

Tours, purchase of ceramic ware

If you call and book  a tour in advance, it is possible to see a process of pottery making, firing the kiln and opening the kiln in workshop “Cukrasāta” (May to September).The dates for firing the kiln are not planned in advance as it happens in the process – in accordance with the intensity of work, weather and other events. The firing of the kiln in average firing spring-summer-fall season happens once a month. January and February are empty months. Our ceramic ware can be purchased in trade fairs, salons, exhibitions as well as made for individual orders.

Places to purchase our ceramic ware

Shop„Riija”, Riga, Tērbatas 6/8
Liepkalni, information centre - SIA „Mežmalas AA”
Artisans shop "Lāde", Rezekne, Krasta ielā 31
Art gallery "Mans's", Jēkabpils, Brīvības iela 154
Luznava Manor, Pils iela 8, Lūznava, Lūznavas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads

Ceramists, using their fingertips, encodes thoughts, idea, and energy in their work...

The crafstman is a mediator...

His ideas come to him and go through him leaving his art as their deposition...