Multiform kitchen.

The design that recently was awarded with International prize in kitchen design. Dishes from Rue Verte, also ceramic workshop “Cukrasāta”.

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In the new Danish shop Yume, that was opened last year.
There is also reduced ceramic ware made in Latvia.
For the first time in the Danish magazine the brand CUKRASĀTA is mentioned.
March, 2018


Magazine "Santa", October, 2017.
Old recipes in "Cukrasāta" ceramic ware ...


Gastro, 2017, March. Denmark


Interior design magazine RUM, Is.12, 2016

Interior design.

Design Arrondisement Cph, Ceramic ware Stanislavs Vilums.



BO BEDRE(Live better) magazine of interior design,
Denmark, September/October issue (No.10,) 2016.
The dish of the month is served in BO BEDRE issue using our ware from RUE VERTE shop, design Arrondisement Cph. The plates are described as handmade in reserved “northern” style showing recognition. The colours and design of the dish are perfectly seen on the dark background of the plates.


BO BEDRE online version


BO BEDRE Is..2, 2016. Magazine of interior design, Denmark
An article about a bathroom from the 30s and how to redecorate it to “tropical forest” in 7 square metres, A comment is made: “Cups from Rue Verte create the room’s exotic SPA atmosphere.” Our ceramic ware can also be seen in BO BEDRE online version. Click here!





Interior design magazine RUM, September, Is.100, anniversary
An article about RUE VERTE owner’s Michala’s apartment and tendencies in its interior design with the accents in the rooms where you can see our reduced ceramic ware in a nice antique Chinese cupboard.


... also reduced ceramic ware  - Staņislavs Viļums, Viola Anna Bīriņa, design Arrondisement Cph
... in RUE VERTE shol ... there is a special atmosphere ...