Stanislavs Vilums

IMG_0735 (Custom)Staņislavs was born in 1968 in Jaunstrūžāni, Rēzekne region. He studied in Rezekne vocational school No.14 and got a diploma of art ceramic producer. In 1990 he became one of the founders of “ Pūdnīku skūla” that is a Latvian Culture Foundation group. Since the foundation he has been participating in all activities of the group and promoting the ceramist trade. Staņislavs is also a member of National Applied Art studio (TLMS) “ Rēzeknes apriņka pūdnīki” (Ceramists of Rezekne region). In 2000 he got a designation of TDM (folk craftsmanship master).
Since 1990 he has been working with reduced firing ceramics.  He is creating his work on a potter’s wheel. The firing of the ware is done in the kiln using the wood for firing it.  In the process of making the ceramic ware no industrial technologies are used. The ceramic ware is 100% handmade, and for this reason each dish can be called a unique and exclusive piece of art.
His worked has been exhibited in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Belorussia, Germany, and Czech Republic. The artwork of Staņislavs can be found in private collections in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.